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Class actions: notification

The service provider, holding assets for its clients in nominee names, has an information and reporting system to identify a class action which is proposed or initiated and notifies its clients accordingly. There are occasions when investors have cause to launch a 'class action' (where a number of investors join together in launching a legal prosecution against a company and perhaps its directors). An example is when securities fraud (perhaps accounting irregularities) is alleged. Investors will wish to be recompensed for any loss suffered. Certain classes of investor, such as pension plans, will have a fiduciary duty to their participants to press the companies in which they invest to deliver shareholder value.

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Class actions: proactive stance

The service provider acts on behalf of its clients, communicating with the key parties in the process leading up to a prosecution being initiated and communicating during the legal process.

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Class actions: claims

The service provider claims its client's share of a settlement arising from a class action in an accurate and timely manner. Where several of its clients are funding legal fees, the service provider co-ordinates payment of the share of costs attributable to its clients.

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