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Proxy voting service

A service which entails identification of all corporate governance events, obtaining in a timely manner the associated information (eg. an agenda for an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, Annual and other Company Reports, the terms of resolutions submitted for shareholder approval, voting ballots and proxy advices), translating the information if necessary and disseminating it to the client. For events which may be voted on, the service provider reports to the client the response deadline in a timely manner and captures the client's decision in good time.
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BNY Mellon

Voting agency integration

The supplier's operations are integrated (a global custodian with leading proxy voting agencies and an agency with leading global custodians) for automated communication of announcements, instructions and results.
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BNY Mellon

Online announcements

Clients are provided with a direct link to the service provider's systems to view all scheduled corporate governance events.
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BNY Mellon

Power of attorney solicitation

Provision of appropriate documentation and managing its completion in a timely manner.
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BNY Mellon

Power of attorney monitoring

Conducting a timely review of the completeness of documentation for changing circumstances, including extension into new countries of investment.
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BNY Mellon

Online instructions

Clients are provided with a direct link to the service provider's systems to record (and amend) their decisions.
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BNY Mellon

Standing instructions

The service provider allows clients to set certain standing instructions and acts on these standing instructions in the absence of variation by the client.
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BNY Mellon

Online results

Clients are provided with a direct link to the service provider's systems to view the results of votes.
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BNY Mellon

Recalling securities on loan

Within a securities lending program, the service provider is always able to recall on-loan securities to facilitate timely settlement and support the beneficial owner's voting requirements.
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BNY Mellon

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