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Securities finance

Provision of a range of financing and investment solutions using securities (for example, equity repos and buy sell back, in addition to securities lending and borrowing) all subject to appropriate written agreements.

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Securities lending

Certain firms need to borrow securities in order to cover their settlement obligations in the event of failed trades or taking short positions, or to take advantage of arbitrage and other opportunities. Institutions with large portfolios of securities are attractive to securities borrowers. Accordingly, global custodians provide securities lending services, typically with the custodian as agent matching its clients with approved borrowers. The custodian oversees the posting of collateral by the borrower, collects dividends and other economic benefits for the lender during the life of each loan and shares in the lending fee payable by the borrower. The lender can terminate a loan at any time, generally with recall notice of three business days.

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Collateral safekeeping

Collateral assets, while not owned by the client, are held by the service provider in a designated account so that they are safe-kept for the client's benefit and the client benefits from reporting on all such assets.

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Collateral reinvestment

The service provider reinvests cash collateral under terms agreed with the client.

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Collateral risk reporting

The service provider provides the client with timely reporting on collateral risks (such as timing mismatches between stock loan period and reinvestment term or exposure to long reinvestment maturities in case adverse market conditions arise and the stock loan is to be recalled).

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Support for timely recalls

Processes are in place to support the timely recall of secuities on loan should they be required by the client for sale

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