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Trade affirmation/confirmation

Conducting verification of essential trade details, including allocation to accounts, receipt of confirmation from the broker and affirmation of the details to the broker. These steps take place after trade execution and before clearing and settlement begin.

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Pre-trade compliance

Conducting checks, before trade execution, to ensure each trade complies with specified legal and regulatory requirements and, where appropriate, investment policies such as investment limit restrictions and fund disclosure requirements.

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Trade matching

Providing clients with match trade reporting (where available by market) indicating that their trade has matched with the counterparty for settlement in the local settlement system and will settle in the next cycle.

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Trade execution

Conducting order execution for a client or its investment managers.

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Trading efficiency analysis

Proactive monitoring of the price of securities on buying and selling to determine the hidden cost of trade execution not achieving the best price. This service can also extend to determining the timeliness with which trade instructions are executed and the effect of price movements on any delay in trade execution.

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